Mechanical Vibration

Mechanical Vibration

Vibration measurements in the field

A compact portable vibration meter can be used for example to measure vibrations in order to check the operation condition of machinery in the field.


Low-frequency vibrations

Rion’s high accuracy accelerometers paired with its versatile range of Vibration Meters can be utilized to monitor low frequency vibrations on critical equipment.

Applications can be as diverse as rolling mill machinery to low speed construction equipment used for digging and excavation.

Rion offers options to measure both on the spot checks as well as longer term monitoring solutions.


Perform tracking analysis of vibrations on rotational machinery

Measure the relationship between vibrations and revolution speed of rotational machinery, and perform analysis to determine the cause of vibrations and to examine resonance conditions.

For Mechanical Vibration, our products are applicable in:

Vibration measurements in the field, Perform modal analysis, Low-frequency vibrations, Perform tracking analysis of vibrations on rotational machinery

Products Offered for Mechanical Vibration Industry