Vibration Meter Unit


The Rion UV-15 Vibration Level Meter Unit is a standalone continuous vibration level measurement unit which expands into a Multi-Channel measurement system of up to 16 channels.

The Rion UV-15 Vibration Level Meter Unit can also be combined with the Rion UN-14 Sound Level Meter Unit to provide a combination of continuous Sound and Vibration measurement.

Boasting TEDS compliance, it allows the user to connect any TEDS compliant accelerometer and begin measurements.

Its design allows for Rack mounting to conveniently install the unit in shop floor or laboratory conditions.


  • TEDS compliant
  • Wide frequency range from 0.5Hz to 30 kHz
  • LED warning indicators for ease of use
  • Optional Battery Pack available in case remote location or field measurements are required
  • Interface unit UV-22 available for viewing measurements on PC


Types Of Vibration Products - Fixed Installations

  • UV-15

  • UV-16