General Purpose Vibration Meter


The Rion VM-83 Vibration Meter is a compact, portable vibration meter for equipment diagnosis and on-site measurements with the flexibility to operate in a variety of conditions. The VM-83 has the ability to connect to various kinds of accelerometers depending on the users application needs.

The Rion VM-83 Vibration Meter is a single channel portable meter which finds applications across:

  1. Product Development – Vibration measurement at various stages of product development
  2. Quality Assurance – Pre-shipment, post installation operation checks
  3. Maintenance – Start up testing after periodic maintenance and servicing
  4. Simple Diagnosis – Daily routine checks and monitoring of unusual conditions
  5. Precision Diagnosis – Measurement of problem vibrations and detection of fault sources

The Rion VM-83 Vibration Meter has the capability to measure Acceleration, Velocity as well as Displacement.


  • Connectivity for various kinds of accelerometers enables a wide range of vibration measurements
  • Comparator function with level evaluation output
  • Versatile display characteristics including rms, equivalent peak, equivalent peak-to-peak, maximum value hold and peak hold
  • AC and DC output connectors
  • Serial interface for enhanced connectivity
  • Data printout capability via serial interface
  • Wide Frequency range
  • Large Easy to read display
  • Data store capability – Upto 1000 data points


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