4 Channel Data Recorder for Sound and Vibration


The Rion DA-21 4 Channel Data Recorder is suitable for extended data recording of Sound and Vibration measurements. The user has the ability to choose from utilizing any combination of microphones and accelerometers to allow for comprehensive measurements.

The data is saved in WAVE form and reproduced as analog signals. Data can be exported into a computer for waveform analysis and other processing tasks.


  • CCLD 2mA, 4mA (factory option)
  • DC to 20 kHz signal frequency range
  • Light weight of only 1.2 kg (excl batteries)
  • Long recording times
  • Ability to record on SD Card
  • Two units can be combined together for up to 8 channels measurement

Optional Software:

  • Viewer Software – AS-71 Viewer
  • Waveform Analysis Software – AS-70


Types Of Data Recorder Products - Portable

  • DA-21