Multi Channel Signal Analyzer


Rion SA-02 is a multi-channel signal analyser platform which is compatible with the input of piezoelectric accelerometers as well as microphones. The SA-02 vibration analysis platform allows up to 32 channels of measurement.

The SA-02 Multi-channel signal analyser combines FFT Analysis with 1/1,1/3,1/12 Octave band analysis. The SA-02 can be paired with a wide variety of application specific programmes to further enhance its capabilities.


Manufacturing and development of engines, motors and other products
Measurement of vibration of devices in manufacturing plants as well as power generating facilities


  • TEDS Compliant
  • Allows high frequency analysis in multiple channels
  • Various analysis software available
  • Easy Operation
  • AC Output connector

Analysis Modes:

  • Time Waveform
  • FFT Analysis
  • Power Spectrum Map
  • Octave Map
  • Auto-Correlation Function
  • Cross-Correlation Function
  • Transfer Function
  • Coherence function
  • Amplitude probability density function
  • Octave Band Analysis
  • Recall Processing
  • Overlay display


Types Of Frequency Analyzer Products - Portable Analyzer

  • SA-02