Multi Application Tri-Axial Vibration Meter


The Rion VM-54 3-Axis Vibration Meter is a system developed to measure vibrations related to humans.

The flexible platform allows it to be used for:

1. Habitability on ships

  • With the PV-83CW accelerometer the meter is able to measure vibrations required for ISO 6954:2000 specifications

2. Whole-body vibration

  • Variety of Accelerometers available for a variety of different conditions such as seat vibration measurement, floor vibration measurement etc.
  • Suitable for ISO 2631-1:1997 / ISO 2631-2:2003 / ISO 8041:2005

3. Hand-Arm Vibrations

  • With the PV-97C accelerometer the Vibration meters allows one to measureme hand arm vibrations for ISO 5349-1:2001 / ISO 5349-2:2001


  • Optional FFT analysis program available
  • 3-Axis output signal for connection to frequency analyser, data recorder or other waveform recording device.
  • Measurement results can be stored on CF Card
  • Excel Macro for creating reports (Ship Vibration Only)
  • Soft protection case available

Application of VM-54


Types Of Vibration Products - Meter

  • VM-82A

  • VM-83

  • VM-54

  • VM55

  • VM56

  • VM-63C