Noise Measurement

Noise Measurement

Multiple Channel Sound/Vibration Analysis
Use of the multi-channel signal analyzer SA-02 series allows sound/vibration FFT analysis or 1/N octave analysis in multiple channels.

By linking two SA-02M units with the connecting kit, configurations with up to 32 channels are possible.

Thanks to the integrated CCLD power supply, compatible preamplifiers, microphones, and accelerometers can be connected directly.

Low Level Sound measurement

The low-noise microphone UC-34P and measuring amplifier NA-42 allow measurement of very low sound pressure levels in an anechoic chamber.

Linear operation range is 10 to 112 dB, and frequency range for sound pressure level measurement is 10 Hz to 12.5 kHz.

For Noise Measurement, our products are applicable in:

Multiple Channel Sound/Vibration Analysis, Low Level Sound measurement

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