Measuring Amplifier


The Rion NA-42 Sound Level Measuring Amplifier is ideal for Wide range of High precision acoustic measurement applications.

As a standalone amplifier the Rion NA-42 Sound Level Measuring Amplifier allows the user to select from the large variety of microphones available in the Rion Line up.

The NA-42 has three settings for frequency weighting and time weighting which adequately covers the requirements of general and environmental acoustic measurements.

Measurements can be made in terms of Sound pressure level, Sound level maximum or peak sound pressure level.

Allowing for the selection of one or two decimal points for accurate readings

Power supply from AC Power as well as internal batteries makes the NA-42 sound level measuring amplifier a highly flexible device for a variety of measurements.


  • Wide measurement frequency and level range, plus support for many different microphone types (from low to high sound pressure levels)
  • High-resolution readout of sound pressure level down to two decimal points
  • Integrated comparator function is convenient for use in measurement and monitoring systems
  • Serial communication with 16 channels supported (With optional multi-channel adapter SC-31M/S)
  • Large, easy to read LCD Panel with backlight
  • Continuous operation up to 14 hours on one set of alkaline batteries


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