Omni Directional Dodecahedron Sound Source


The ease of handling, ease of assembly and transport are prerequisites for the Technician, so the source is OMNI millet compromise between weight / maneuverability ideal to be transported and moved during testing operations in building acoustics.

The source dodecaetrica OMNI is designed according specidiche quality and design consistent compliance with regulatory requirements such as the UNI EN ISO 140.

The OMNI source is supplied with a connection cable to the amplifier 5metri AMG. This allows you to move it around within the environment of measurement, independently from the amplifier.

The OMNI source is equipped with a semi-rigid container which facilitates the transport, protecting it from shock and from contamination esterne.Il lower support system is equipped with a small base which also has the function of supporting the dodecahedron on the floor and avoid its accidental rotation and / or overturning.


Types Of Building Acoustics Products - Sound Source

  • DIR

  • OMNI