Directional Sound Source


The DIR speaker system is a great tool, robust and easily transportable capable of producing a high noise level. For this reason and for his outstanding gifts of power and directivity is particularly suitable for the measurement of sound insulation, reverberation time, etc. ... An ideal approach to the AMG systems as an alternative to dodecahedrons Series OMNI.

DIR can also be used with other sources external amplified in respect of the specific acoustic system. The appliance comes an accessory that allows the placement of the stand and tilt up to 45 ° of the speaker.

The DIR has a rigid structure that facilitates the transport, protecting it from shocks and contamination. The lower support system is equipped with a small base which also has the function of supporting the crate on the floor avoiding its accidental rotation and / or overturning.


Types Of Building Acoustics Products - Sound Source

  • DIR

  • OMNI