Humidity and Temperature Transmitters for High Performance HVAC Applications


Wall-mounted Vaisala HMW90 Series HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitters measure relative humidity and temperature in indoor HVAC applications, where high accuracy, stability, and reliable operation are required.
The flexible HMW90 series offers a variety of options and features.
Transmitters include a display and a sliding cover with either an opening for the display or a solid front.
Both analog and digital output options, including special scalings and calculated parameters, are available.

Quick and Easy to Install
HMW90 series transmitters are quick and easy to install.
The wiring is connected through the back plate and the electronics with the sensors can be snapped on easily after the wiring is complete.
The transmitter is configured using dip switches, which are accessible when the enclosure is open.

Digital Communication Brings Benefits
The introduction of digital (BACnet/ Modbus) communication to field level devices brings many advantages.
For example, all sensors can be centrally accessed and their performance can be easily monitored.
Wiring is simple when multiple sensors are installed on the same bus.
Sensors can be set up using standardized tools, and the system can be enlarged with additional sensors quickly and conveniently.
In addition, parameters influencing measurements, such as pressure or site elevation, can be centrally set and updated.


  • Both analog and digital output
  • Easy installation, configuration, and field adjustment
  • Humidity parameter options: relative humidity, dew point, mixing ratio, enthalpy, wet bulb temperature, dew point depression, and absolute humidity
  • Full 0 … 100%RH measurement range
  • Up to ±1.7%RH accuracy
  • User exchangeable humidity and temperature module
  • NIST traceable calibration (certificate included)
  • Available in four colors

Application of HMW90


Types Of Humidity Products - Fixed Installations/OEM Products

  • HMT330

  • HMT360

  • HMT310

  • HMDW80

  • HMT120/130

  • HMW90

  • HMDW110

  • HMS110

  • HMS80

  • HMP60

  • HMP110

  • HMM100

  • HMP3

  • HMP4

  • HMP5

  • HMP7

  • HMP8

  • HMP9

  • INDIGO 200

  • INDIGO 520

  • TMP1

  • HMM170

  • HMD60