Food Storage

Food Storage

Fruit and Vegetable Storage

Maintaining the optimal storage conditions for fruit and vegetables protects the crops against loss of moisture, decay and aging. The oxygen, carbon dioxide (CO2), and nitrogen concentrations as well as relative humidity and temperature are regulated in controlled atmosphere storages. Potato and vegetable storages are typically controlled for temperature and humidity.

Vaisala offers a range of CO2, humidity and temperature instruments for food storage applications that are designed to perform in these high humidity environments.


Refrigerated Warehouses

Refrigerated warehouses preserve the quality of perishable goods that require refrigerated environment. Good humidity control in refrigerated warehouses reduces frost build up, improves the energy efficiency and reduces defrosting costs.

Vaisala’s humidity and temperature transmitter portfolio includes products for measuring various humidity parameters such as relative humidity, dew point, and frost point in wide operating temperature ranges.


Condensation Monitoring

Proper humidity control prevents condensation on refrigerated cases. Cabinets with surface heaters prevent moisture from forming by keeping the surface temperature above ambient dew point. Accurate monitoring of moisture levels in the air can reduce unnecessary heating and reduce energy costs.

Vaisala offers a variety of humidity and dew point instruments to accurately monitor moisture levels.

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Fruit and Vegetable Storage, Refrigerated Warehouses, Condensation Monitoring

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