The Rion NC-72A Pistonphone is a standard sound source that generates a constant sound pressure of 114 dB at 250 Hz.

Designed to provide sound at an atmospheric pressure of 101.325 kPa the unit includes a barometer for compensation if required.

The pistons of the Rion NC-72A Pistonphone are manufactured with a special resin material with low friction. This manufacturing process allows both pistons to maintain their initial performance levels for about 2000 hours without the use of grease.

The Rion NC-72A Pistonphone is suitable for 1”, ½“ and ¼“ microphones

Rion NC-72A pistonphone complies with the IEC 60942:2003(JIS C 1515:2004) Class LS/C


  • Allows for calibration with accuracy of + 0.15 dB
  • Usable in wide temperature and humidity range.
  • Usable as a standard sound source in laboratories or as a calibration sound source for sound level meters on site.


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  • NC-72A

  • NC-74