• Continous Monitoring System
  • Continous Monitoring System

    Whether you have freezers, refrigerators, w​​arehouses, or incubators, the Vaisala Continuous Monitoring System keeps you fully compliant, streamlines your operations, and protects products and the health of the people who use them.​

    Monitoring, recording and reporting for temperature, humidity and other parameters, the system operates independently of other control and monitoring systems, making validation, quick and easy.

    The monitoring system provides a variety of alarm notifica​tion options and reports, and is fully configurable to meet your needs and keep your company compliant. Information is logged continuously and is available for review at any time, any place.

    Vaisala's CMS keeps you compliant with major regulatory regimes as follows

        FDA 21 CFR Part 11
        EU Annex 11
        CBER, SFDA


    1.complete data protection

    2.flexible alarming

    3.easy, automated reporting

    4.browser based access

Types of Continous Monitoring System Products