We serve your Data centers to be cooled….!
We serve your Data centers to be cooled….!
  • Posted on 15-Feb-2022 by Administrator
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Data center operators are continuously striving for higher operational and power usage efficiency (PUE). Advanced air conditioning and cooling systems are continually optimized with the help of regionally specific control strategies and accurate environmental monitoring technology.

One of the first steps to reducing cooling costs is to properly monitor the environmental conditions by measuring the parameters you need to control and knowing how accurately they need to be measured.

Here we are offering solutions...!

Vaisala HMT120/130 and HMW90

Humidity and temperature transmitter:  Accurate and reliable, easy field calibration.

  • Continuous Monitoring of Data center cooling system.
  • Suitable for cleanrooms and demanding HVAC application.
  • Commercial and industrial applications.
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