Paint Booths

Modern Paint Booths are highly sophisticated environments with precise control on Humidity and Temperature to ensure the quality of the product.

Vaisala’s range of Humidity and Temperature sensors offer extremely low drift, flexible installation options as well as intrinsically safe options to ensure safety in hazardous locations.

Used by leading manufacturers worldwide, Vaisala offers the best technology for Humidity Measurement in Paint Booth environments.


Engine Testing

Engine Testing is a demanding application where transmitters are subjected to harsh conditions and expected to continue to perform at their best to ensure accurate measurement under stress conditions.

Vaisala’s HUMICAP sensors are robust enough to allow for virtually any test condition. Probe options allow for flexible installation, remote probes, data logging as well as operation in condensing environments if required. The data from the probes can also be viewed on a PC and charted as required in certain cases.

For Automotive, our products are applicable in:

Paint Booths, Engine Testing

Products Offered for Automotive Industry