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VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Monitor
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emanate from a broad range of sources in industrial and general indoor air quality (IAQ) applications. GrayWolf offers four different Photo Ionization Detector (PID) sensors to choose from; optimized for your specific application. Our TG-502 probe also includes sensors for relative humidity, temperature and up to 3 specific gas electrochemical sensors, while the TG-503 probe offers sensors for NDIR carbon dioxide, relative humidity, temperature and up to 2 specific gas electrochemical sensors. Coupled with the power of mobile computing, end-users can efficiently log and annotate readings, while easily accessing on-board information about specific volatiles and potential sources.
  • Choice of low ppb, low ppm, mid range ppm or wide/high range ppm VOC optimized PID sensors
  • Excellent sensitivity, very low limits of detection (down to 5 ppb)
  • Ideal for screening for if/when and where air sampling might be advised
  • Rapid response; ideal for "blood hounding" VOC sources
  • %RH and C/F are also included; add up to 3 additional specific gas sensors in one probe
  • Connect to a GrayWolf manufactured embedded PC instrument (AdvancedSense™ or WolfPack™), a GrayWolf supplied WIN Mobile Pocket PC, WIN 7 tablet/netbook PC or to your own Laptop/Notebook PC
  • Log portable spot measurements, or monitor and record data unattended over time in secure trend data-logger housing
  • Store enhanced survey information; data and text, audio, drawings, video notes and more...
  • On-board list of potential sources of measured VOC levels and other useful info
  • Almost all Total VOCs (TVOCs) of concern for IAQ situations are detected.
  • On-board correction values for specific volatiles versus calibration compound
  • Optional GrayWolfLive™ webhosting allows remote access to logged and real-time data (plus notes) via WiFi from almost anywhere and on almost any internet enabled device
  • Load your own application related documents or procedures (.pdf, Word, HTML, etc.)
  • Software handholds users through calibration procedure; even includes an on-board video
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Desktop data analysis and reporting software is included.
GrayWolf TVOC, multi-gas monitors, meters, detectors and instruments efficiently log your data and enable enhanced documentation for your surveys by means of advanced software and the power of mobile computing.
Display real-time graphs, on-board help videos, note-taking tools and much more Supplement TG-502 parameters with additional GrayWolf probes  
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