vNet Power over Ethernet (PoE) Logger Interface

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The vNet Power over Ethernet (PoE) Logger Interface is a snap-in cradle that allows Vaisala data loggers to be powered by data cable from your Ethernet network, often at a lower cost than with alternative power sources normally required between loggers and networking devices.

When used with a vNet device, Vaisala data loggers can be powered by PoE or local supply voltage (AC).  The advantage of the vNet PoE is the simplicity of single-cable connectivity. vNet AC is available for networks that do not support PoE.

Both PoE and AC models of vNet use viewLinc Aware firmware to find vNet devices and automatically configure them for network settings.  vNet Aware also allows data loggers to exist dynamically on the network so that they can be easily moved and quickly reconfigured.



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  • vNet Power over Ethernet (PoE) Logger Interface