Temperature and Humidity Loggers


The Vaisala DL2000 data loggers measure temperature and humidity, with an optional channel for an analog input. These data loggers provide the single ­­most important feature in environmental monitoring applications: data is recorded and stored at the point of measurement.

Each logger contains a 10-year battery and onboard memory. With autonomous power and recording capacity, data is immune to network and power interruptions, ensuring that records are secure and continuous.

Fully validatable and designed for GxP-regulated applications. The loggers are calibrated to NIST-traceable, ISO/IEC 17025 standards to ensure cGMP-compliant measurement. With a stable internal RH sensor, inputs for external temperature probes, the DL2000 includes an optional external channel for either current or voltage inputs. This Boolean channel allows the data loggers to record multiple parameters such as door switches, differential pressure, CO2, level, particles, or conductivity.


Types Of Continous Monitoring System Products - Data loggers

  • HMT140

  • DL2000

  • DL1000/1400

  • DL1016/1416

  • DL1200

  • DL4000

  • DL1700