Carbon Dioxide Module for Flow-Through Measurements



  • Compact CO2 module with flow-through aspiration
  • Ideal for control of CO2 concentrations in incubators
  • Incorporates Vaisala CARBOCAP®, the silicon based NDIR sensor with unique internal referencing
  • Advanced single-beam, dual wavelength measurement with no moving parts
  • Measurement range options 0 ... 5 %, 0 ... 10 % and 0 ... 20 % CO2
  • Excellent long-term stability


The Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Module GMM111 is designed especially for control of biological processes where high CO2 concentrations are used. It has 3 optional measurement ranges 0 ... 5/10/20 % CO2. The GMM111 is a flow-through model and has barbed connectors for attaching the in and out flow tubes. As the module is not mounted in the chamber, the chamber can be heat sterilized without removing the module.

The Vaisala CARBOCAP® CO2 sensors have been proven to be accurate and durable. They have an excellent long-term stability, which decreases maintenance. The superior performance of Vaisala CARBOCAP® sensors results largely from the stable reference provided by the electrically tunable Fabry-Perot Interferometer(FPI).

The tunable FPI filter measures CO2 absorption, and simultaneously a reference wavelength. This internal reference measurement compensates effectively for any changes in the optical path, such as light source intensity changes and contamination.

In the HVAC market, this type of reference measurement is a unique feature to Vaisala CARBOCAP® products.

The true internal reference measurement of Vaisala CARBOCAP® CO2 transmitters provides years of stable CO2 measurements.


Types Of Carbon Dioxide Products - Fixed Installations/OEM Products

  • GMM111

  • GMM112

  • GMM220

  • GMP231